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Terms of use

VPS terms of use

Our rules state that one is not allowed to place on VPS any websites, that used for:

It is prohibited to use VPS for any illegal activity based on the US and Netherlands legislation.

The following list can be amended / supplemented without notice.
Your contact information from the hosting account has to be indicated correctly. Accounts with incorrect information can be blocked until the reliable information about the account owner is found.

We reserve the right to ask for scans of documents to confirm the identity of the account / domain owner. We are also obliged to provide accurate contact information about the client on request of registration (ICANN et al.) or law enforcement agencies.

* Websites using "children images" are sites that have pictures and/or videos that look like/create the impression of child pornography, despite the fact that the models used in the pictures and videos are adult (18 years and older).