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Claim Consideration Policy

Powers and Statuses

We act as a domain name registrar only, providing registration and related services in compliance with ICANN rules and policies. We cannot add, control, remove or edit any site's content.

We have the ability to contact the registrant with the requirement to investigate a legal issue. Usually, We cannot consider Claims on their merits. We shall not bear any responsibility for any consequences regarding operations with or content of online resources available via the registered domain name. Registrants are responsible for their websites, web resources, goods, services or content compliance with local laws and regulations throughout all countries, territories, and jurisdictions in which they are accessible. For more information on Whois status codes, please visit https://icann.org/.


We consider Claims in accordance with this Policy, as well as other internal documents and applicable law. You authorize Us to transfer your Claim (if appropriate and not prohibited by applicable law) along with information about the complainant and all evidence attached to a person who is likely to have committed a violation or has the factual reasons or legal basis to consider the Claim. You warrant that you have sufficient authority to claim and transfer information (including personal data) contained in the Claim.

If you find a domain name associated with Us is involved in any activity that violates Our User Agreement, please follow the guidelines below.

You can submit a claim using email abuse@ahnames.com.

Usually, consideration of a Claim (containing complete and accurate information) takes 24 hours or more. This term does not include the period necessary to eliminate the violation. We may extend the consideration period depending on the amount of material to be analyzed, the necessity to require additional documents or information, or due to other circumstances, as well as the requirements of applicable law.

If the information and evidence provided by You are insufficient, we may request missing or clarifying information and suspend consideration of a Claim on this basis until you provide additional information.

We usually send responses to Claims. Company is not and cannot be obliged to share the results or materials studied during the consideration of a Claim with the complainant, except as expressly provided by applicable law or allowed by Registrants