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API for intercepting dropping domains


At the moment we intercept only .com and .net. Other zones in the near future. We will notify you by e-mail.

1. General information

2. Detailed examples

Command Description Arguments Return values
domainIntercept Request domain intercept
  • domain — domain, *
  • bid — money, *; amount greater than zero, in dollars
  • domain — domain
  • bid — current (maximum) rate at the moment
  • got — '1' if domain is yours, in other case 'null'
domainsIntercept Request multiple domains intercept
  • array of — domainIntercept
  • array of — domainIntercept
Example: domainIntercept

Example of answer 1:

Example of answer 2:

Example of answer 3:

Example: domainsIntercept

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