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Hosting by AHnames is an optimal and reliable solution for
any project at affordable price

Payment methods

We accept the following automatic payment methods: WebMoney, PayPal, ePayService, eCoin, Paxum, as well as PayPal payments from your Visa and MasterCard.

Payment methods

We accept the following automatic payment methods: WebMoney, PayPal, ePayService, eCoin, Paxum, as well as PayPal payments from your Visa and MasterCard.

Professional technical support

Tech support from AHnames hosting consists of one team of experienced professionals that find the best solutions for any problem in a timely manner.

Individual approach to every client gives our experts the chance to introspect each problem carefully, considering the needs and specifics of each project that is hosted on a VPS. Administration time depends on the selected tariff plan.

The most common problems that our tech support has to deal with include:

  • Analyzing the functional capacity of a server (a detailed auditing may be offered based on analysis report) — from 30 min.
  • Analyzing and auditing server's operation, followed by optimization recommendations — from 1 hour.
  • Basic software installation and setting (memcache, ffmpeg, mplayer, etc.) — from 15 min.
  • Web server modules installation (apache2, nginx) — from 15 min.
  • Modules installation for PHP — from 15 min.
  • SSL sertificate installation for the website — from 15 min.
  • Creating rewrite rules, editing .htaccess for the website — from 15 min.
  • Setting up Firewall by client’s request (for example, blocking user’s or subnetwork’s IP) — from 15 min.
  • Configuring backup for side-servers—- from 30 min.
  • Setting up and configuring server's database (mysql,postgres) — from 15 min.
  • Assisting in writing and optimizing crones — from 15 min.
  • Installing and configuring VPN servers, proxy servers (mpd, openvpn, squid, socks) — from 30 min.
  • Looking for traces of server/website hacking, eliminating the server/website hacking traces — from 30 min.
  • Jabber installation — 30 min.

Ahnames tech support offers a spectrum of administration tasks with various complexities. Assistance time depends on the complexity of each task, as well as other factors.

Attention! AHnames tech support does not offer VPS administration via ISPmanager panel. A variety of administrative tasks can be performed when AHnames or “No panel” control options are selected for a VPS.

Our experts are ready to assist you with any problem 24/7. Our goal is to make sure that all of your projects run smoothly on our VPS and always available to users.

What is VPS

Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS) — is a service in which user is provided with a certain amount of server resources.

Resources are allocated to form the so-called virtual machines that emulate the work of a dedicated server.

This type of hosting is the optimal solution for many tasks, especially when the price of renting a dedicated server is too high.

Renting a virtual dedicated server is a reasonable solution with balanced price and possibilities — the price is significantly lower and performance is oftentimes similar to a dedicated server.

We use two types of virtualization in our VPS, — OpenVZ and XEN with SSD.

VPS based on XEN with SSD is a virtualization technology that approximates the operation of a VPS to the operation of a dedicated server. It provides users with dedicated resources, isolating the VPS from neighbors. This ensures reliable and stable work of the project. Our VPS based XEN are built using SSD arrays. This allows increasing the speed of data reading/writing compared to HDD. As a result, this kind of virtualization is highly popular as it satisfies the requirements of most common web-projects with medium and high complexity.

VPS based on OpenVZ is a software-based virtualization that distributes all server resources between users more tightly. The price of VPS based on OpenVZ is lower than XEN, while the speed for reading frequently requested data through the SSD cache is high. Combined with a well-chosen tariff plan, VPS based on OpenVZ will allow you not only to save money, but also to obtain a reliable hosting for a small project.

For more information on how to choose the most suitable VPS, read here.

All tariff plans, except dedicated resources, include:

24/7 tech support

  • Website transfer and initial VPS setup.
  • 24/7 monitoring (external or internal + external).
  • Administration Package:
    • Bronze — 60 min/mon.
    • Silver — 90 min/mon.
    • Gold — 120 min/mon.
    • Platinum — 180 min/mon.

All the servers are managed, the price for administration time that is not included in the package is $30/hour.

The option of changing the tariff plan moving it to a lower or higher tariff, as well as resources expansion within the current tariff plan is provided individually. More information about this option can be found here.

Control Panel

When ordering any VPS, you can select a control panel: one developed by AHnames, ISPmanager (for Pro, Advance and Elite tariff plans) or "No panel" option.

Connection port

Each VPS has a 1Gb/s channel.

Location and Access via VNC

A VPS with Netherlands or USA localization can be selected.
We offer VNC access for all VPS.

Additional services

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